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Case Studies

Research to inform and guide decision making in product development, brand strategy and customer management.

These are some examples of our work:

A continuous channel for feedback with customers

Defining the strategy for a fast food chain

Concept screening to guide NPD with a global perspective.

Activating consumption in movie theatre bars

Client-Centric Service Design Research.

 Insights for new insurance products.

Marketing strategies focusing on families and kids.

Product Testing of new TELCO services.

Insights to forecast home consumption in the New Normal

Innovating in the insurance sector

Quantifying and Understanding food led drinking occasions

Come to us for

qual and quant research, data science, and

out-of-the-box thinking.

Research that matters,
research to drive decision making and inform strategy, helping you to tackle your brand challenges.

Market Intelligence

Research for understanding your market at current and its evolution, and uncovering market gaps and trends.

U&A Research, Segmentation, Competitor Analysis, Business Intelligence, Market Gap Analysis and Business Opportunity Identification, Evolution and Trends, Consumer Insights Research.

Brand Strategy

Research for designing, building, developing, evolving or repairing brands.

Image and Positioning Research, Brand Equity, Brand Tracking, Rational and Emotional Choice Drivers, Social Media and Brand Research.

POS Strategies

Research for optimizing POS strategies.

Store Check Research, Shopping Trip Analysis, Retailer Shelf Analysis, Eye Tracking, Stoppability and Findability Test.

Consumer Insights

To understand how consumers think, feel, decide and behave.

Research on Values, Expectations, Habits and Attitudes, Segmentation, Ethnographic Research, Consumer Decision Journey, Trends, figuring out the New Consumer.

Communication & Advertising

Research for developing a more effective and impactful communication that creates an emotional bond with the consumer and mobilize purchase or subscription.

Insight Research, Concept Testing, Advertising Pre-testing, Post-testing and Tracking, Packaging Tests, Communication Strategy Development, Emotional Response Test.

Pricing Strategy

Determining the optimal pricing strategy for a product or service is one of the trickiest decisions for any business. Pricing Research is a highly specialized area. At CONECTA, we have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the research techniques that can help you come up with the best pricing strategy.

Van Westerndorp, Conjoint Analysis, Menu Based Choice, Choice Modelling, “What-if” simulations.