Case Study

Marketing strategies
focusing on families
and kids

Case Study

Marketing strategies
focusing on families
and kids

Challenges and opportunities of market research with kids

Activation strategy ​

Brand positioning

Client Context:​

A Quick Service Restaurant wants to develop kids special offer and merchandising to reinforce its positioning as a family brand

The Challenge:​

Kids are a relevant and not easy target for this fast food chain:

  • They are the consumers of the present, and, most important, of the future
  • They have tremendous influence on their parent’s choices in terms of restaurants & food
  • They need to be entertained when consuming on the premises
  • Their preferences are clear but not always fitting with parents needs

In this context, the company wants to better target marketing, commercial actions and merchandising in order to

  • capture and maintain the volatile interest of the kids
  • satisfy parents’ needs & expectations

The solution – how we did it: ​

CONECTA recommended to collect both points of view of parents and kids to build a more complete picture of the families ‘needs and preferences

Our research plan combined:

  • Playing & drawing with their kids
  • Listening & chatting with parents

We customized every element of the project based on our knowledge of the psychology and developmental stages of children and families

Group set up:

  • Small groups of 4 kids to increase comfort and encourage sharing
  • With kids of similar age,
  • Relatives/friends were welcomed to make easier for the them to express themselves
  • Short group discussion length to maintain the attention

Location: we chose  a friendly and comfortable environment, creating two connected but different areas:

  • one to discuss with parents
  • the other to interact with kids, allowing them to see their parents

Moderation: while one moderator collected parents’ points of view, another expert was facilitating the discussion with kids.

This second moderator used specific techniques to understand kids needs and perception, such us:

  • creating a puppet show to simulate the process of ordering at the restaurants and understand kids’ demands in terms of menus and food offer
  • drawing out how they feel about the communication material on the premises
  • playing with the merchandising’s offer to see what products are the most engaging
  • using stickers to rewards them and keep them engaged

The outcome: ​

We provided insights and learnings to target the marketing mix to families: 

-Adjust the look & feel of the brand

-Update the brand mascot

-Rework the merchandising, segmenting the offer by kids’ age and gender

-Improve the space distribution and redesign the restaurants in terms of lay out, decoration, visuals

-Optimize the menu, highlighting the star products for kids