Robust and innovative methods
for sharper insights

According to the dictionary, method is “a particular procedure for accomplishing or approaching something”, “a systematic process of achieving certain ends with accuracy and efficiency”.

Our methods

Our particular way

of doing research

These are some of our methods and the particular way we use them to approach the marketing and business problems that require information and insights.

methods and tools we use:

Qual & Quant Research

We imaginatively conduct qualitative research to explore and gain in-depth understanding of attitudes, points-of-view, emotions, behaviors and trends.

Best-in class quantitative research with the most advanced analytics and modelling techniques.

Classic and innovative cutting-edge qualitative and quantitative research and bespoke hybrid research to help your company grow

Online and Mobile QUANT Research

The Internet and the mobile phone are means of communication that allow us to access and obtain information from consumers in a fast and efficient way. But it’s more than that. This new environment poses new challenges while offers enormous opportunities.

Shorter, more agile and dynamic questionnaires that provide a new experience more in line with the new lifestyles and ways of engaging.  More adaptive and intelligent questions that are reformulated in real time according to the answers given by respondents.

But there’s more. A new kind of information that can now be obtained. Detailed recording of actual consumer behavior is now possible.

CONECTA is constantly experimenting with new possibilities and imaginatively using the most innovative techniques in online and mobile research.


The current digital environment poses new challenges and offers enormous opportunities for market research.

Since 2006, Conecta has been exploring and experimenting with the possibilities of the new technologies, leading the use of digital media and new communication habits in qual research.

Our digital qualitative methods are the best way to achieve

– Iterative and agile research

– sharper and deeper insights

– multiple touchpoints with consumers

Online communities, on live Focus group, Ethnographic immersion, Bulleting boards, Online  UX research


Hybrid Concept Product Lab

In our Hybrid Concept Product Lab we integrate qualitative research with individual evaluation and rating of the product. 

The Hybrid Concept Product Lab​ works particularly well in the development of food and drink products.

Product Guidance Research

Tests with consumers of a new food or drink product usually address two key objectives: (1) assessing the liking or acceptability of the new product against a designated benchmark or versus alternative formulations, and (2) obtaining information to direct reformulation if needed.

Product Guidance Tests combine:

  • Product test with consumers utilizing Intensity and Just About Right scales
  • Penalty Analysis to identify the attributes that most closely align with liking and intention to purchase or consume
  • Narrative Descriptive Analysis by trained tasters to help interpret ratings, evaluations and descriptions provided by consumers.

Sequential Recycling

When testing concepts and new ideas or when searching for groundbreaking insights and winning strategies, it is important to be able to swiftly redirect focus, rework testing materials and leverage early client’s feedback.

Sequencial Recycling allows just this, through a knowledge building iterative process with 3 main phases: 

  • Exploratory FGs
  • Working Sessions with the client
  • Evaluation FGs.

Quantitative Concept Testing

In the process of product and service innovation, the development of groundbreaking concepts with market potential plays a fundamental role. In this development work, after the generation of ideas, it is necessary to confront the consumer with these concepts and obtain information that allows us to measure the market potential and understand what works and what does not.

CONECTA has extensive experience in quantitative Concept Testing that will provide you with hard data on Key Performance Indicators, sales potential, source of volume, brand impact, brand incrementality, plus all the diagnostic information needed for optimization and further development.


Unstructured information, such as answers to open-ended questions in surveys, is a powerful source of knowledge and insights.

CONECTA uses machine learning tools to code and process open-ended text answers and comments

Point-of-sale Research

Point-of-sale is a key moment for a product to be included into the basket. How consumers behave in the Point-of-sale is a crucial information for companies to design the right strategy. We can help you discover your consumers’ behavior and assess your strategy in the point-of-sale.

Online retail shelf impact test, Virtual retail shelf test, Evaluation of mock-ups in a realistic competitive environment, Visual impact and purchase test on shelves through eye tracking.

Active Listening to Customers

The best way to understand costumers is by actively and continuously listen to them. In a company in constant interaction with its customers, the only way to achieve excellence in products and services is by implementing a system of assessment, decision-making and action focused on the consumers’ voice.

The VOC monitor is the CONECTA’s solution for accessing customers quickly after their contact experience, collecting and analyzing both quantitative ratings and opinions, comments, complaints and suggestions, and integratinganalyzing and presenting all this information in a simple and intuitive way.

Conjoint Analysis and Choice Modelling

Current consumers demand variety and personalization. Market success requires offering products and services with an optimum combination of features.

Conjoint Analysis is the technique enabling us to obtain information on the weight each product feature has on consumers’ decisions.

CONECTA has extensive experience in providing Conjoint Analysis and Choice Modelling solutions for different industries and sectors in the design, configuration and pricing of a wide variety of products and services: mobile phones, pay TV services, Telco convergent offer, FMCG, private health insurance and other kinds of insurance products, financial products, menus in fast food restaurants, etc.

Pricing Research

Conjoint Analysis is a powerful tool for making strategic pricing decisions. In a conjoint exercise, customers are typically shown several product or service alternatives at different prices. Through conjoint analysis we can statistically determine which attributes are most important, and by how much, the prices customers might be willing to pay for your new product and the elasticity to different price scenarios.

Other techniques we use in Pricing Research are Price Sensitivity Meter, Gabor-Granger, and BPTO.

Design Thinking​

Design Thinking is a methodology for designing things that provide users with added value. DS focuses on developing innovative ideas as relevant solutions with a positive impact on people’s lives.

Design Thinking gathers and sorts the methods that designers use in the process of creating technologically feasible products and services that deliver added value to users.

Service or Product Usage safaris, Shadowing, Costumer Journey Maps, Contextual Interviews, Expectation Maps, Personas, Ideation Workshops, Co-creation workshops, Business Model Canvas.

Usability & UX Research

We deploy usability and user experience research techniques to understand and optimize users’ interaction with all types of apps, devices and interaction scenarios: smartphones, EPGs and browser menus, websites, etc.

Ethnographic research, Diaries, Contextual interviews, Surveys, Usability groups, MORC´s, Remote Testing, Eye Tracking

Advanced Analytics

Statistics are all the rage. Although other names are now preferred, Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, etc. Older or more modern techniques on the border with Artificial Intelligence provide us with powerful tools to discover, analyze, model and predict.

TURF, Max-Diff, Conjoint Analysis, Choice Modelling, CBC, Menu-Based Choice, Agent-Based Modelling, Partial Least Square Path Modelling, Source of Volume Analysis, Cluster Analysis, CHAID, ….


ZOCO is our comprehensive platform for short and long term online insights communities.

ZOCO has been designed to engage groups of customers and get the most valuable information from them through the platform’s complete range of tools: express questions, open forums, Delphi forums, scouting tasks, diaries, surveys, blogging, focus chats…

Agile Research

Because information that arrives late is not information anymore, CONECTA offers Express Research, a fast and flexible standardized research module that streamlines processes in those research projects with specific objectives requiring fast decision-making.

The research typically takes a total of 4-5 days, from brief to debrief It can be launched at any time.

Ethnographic Research

Techniques that rely on retrospective self-reports by the consumer have limitations. Much is to be gained by removing artificial setting and opening the door to the real world. 

In-home or on-site (store, restaurant, etc.) etnographic research sessions take place utilizing the product or service. Immersed in the environment the researcher sometimes quietly observes and records behavoir. Quite often the researcher ask follow-up questions probing into the perceptions, thoughts and emotions that accompany behavoir. 

We like putting ourselves in the shoes of the consumer. CONECTA team has used etnographic techniques to get a deep understanding of a wide variety of situations.