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Conecta provides you with the best information and insight on your custome


Experts at obtaining valid and insightful information from consumers and customers


Experts at gaining actionable knowledge through the most advanced analytics and modelling techniques


Experts at turning data and consumer opinions and feelings into insights and inspiration

Solutions for understanding, inspiring and guiding decision making in all business areas

Marketing Intelligence

Consumer Attitudes and Behabior

Brand Strategy

Communication & Advertising

Purchase Behaviour

Strategic Pricing Research

NPD and Innovation

Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Trend Scouting

Design Research

Case Studies

We conduct over 100 research projects a year. In each one of them, we strive the utmost to make our work really useful and inspiring. Here are some examples. 

Promoters Community

Establish a channel for feedback with customers.

Expansion Strategy

Expansion strategy for a fast food chain.

Concept Screening

Concept screening to guide NPD with a global perspective.

Activation Strategy

Activating bar consumption in movie theatres.

Robust and Innovate Methods for sharper insights

Qual & Quant Research

Hybrid Concept Product Lab

Online & Mobile Research

Product Guidance Research​

Quantitative Concept Testing​

Sequential Recycling​

Point-of-sale Research​

Active Listening to Customers

Conjoint Analysis and Choice Modelling

Pricing Research

Online communities with ZOCO

Advanced Analytics

Agile Research

Ethnographic Research


We have been able to help and inspire great companies​