Case Study

Innovating in the
insurance sector

Case Study

Innovating in the insurance sector

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Client Context:​

In the insurance sector there is growing pressure for innovating and developing new service proposals. Deciding which proposals have the greatest potential requires a rigorous process of evaluation and validation, which puts the demands and needs of customers at the center.

The Challenge:​

Generate a repertoire of innovative proposals to reformulate home insurance products and design a coherent set of products that cover the needs of different customer profiles.

– What new guarantees can be attractive to customer?

– Which are priorities, which ones are nice to have?

– What set of guarantees would maximize the recruitment in the different customer targets?

The solution – how we did it: ​

We designed a screening process in 3 phases


  • Focus Groups with clients for the generation of proposals
  • Conecta-Client Workshop for the pre-selection and adjustment of the different proposals before evaluating them in a quantitative test

Quantitative Screening of the proposals arising from the previous phase using the MaxDiff methodology

Design of optimal solutions

  • Customer segmentation (Cluster analysis) based on service demands and spending capacity
  • Design of the service bundles that optimize recruitment in all client segments (TURF analysis)

The outcome: ​

– Generation of an extensive list of innovation proposals

– Ranking of the attractiveness and mobilization capacity of the different proposals

– Set of optimized solutions per target

– Implementation guide and communication keys