Case Study

Insights to forecast home consumption in the New Normal

Case Study

Insights to forecast home consumption in the New Normal

New Normal

Post-covid consumption

Online communities

Online Qual Research

Client Context:​

The COVID-19 pandemic marked a turning point in our shopping and consumption patterns. Our client, a leading soft drinks company, needed to understand how they could strategically adjust products and messages to meet evolving needs of consumers in the post Covid era.

The Challenge:​

Our client wanted to explore how shopping behaviors and consumption patterns were changing, with the aim to understand the long-term implications and opportunities for its business.

The solution – how we did it: ​

We thought that an online community was the ideal tool:

  • to safely engage with consumers maintaining social distancing
  • to get a deeper understanding on how their usual habits and routines at home were impacted by Covid

Over a 3-week period we talked with 300 consumers

  • from 20 to 50 y.o.
  • living in different European countries (UK, Spain, France, Germany)

We collected more than 1.480.000 words and plenty of pictures.

Through the online community, we were able to:

  • “enter” consumers houses, “observing” their consumption in a natural environment via videos and pictures.
  • get a daily feedback on the 5 Ws of beverage’s consumption
  • understand what attitudes and behaviors made consumers feel good and will probably be maintained in the New Normal.

The outcome: ​

We discovered a lot of insights and opportunities for our client’s brands. 

We delivered an actionable plan that helped our client to develop the commercial strategies for 2021.

We prepared a 5 mins video to sum up the main results to the different stakeholders of the company.