Case Study

Promoters Community

Case Study

Promoters Community


Agile Research

Service Design

Customer Centric

Continuous Feedback

Client Context:​

One of the leading health insurance companies in Spain offering medical insurance and health services for individuals, professionals and companies. It belongs to an international group and is committed to innovation.

Heavily engaged in a global process of digitalization and committed to a customer-centric approach, the company needs a flexible tool for research and continuous communication with its customers.

The Challenge:​

Establish a channel for continuous feedback with its customers to meet the information and validation needs of the different teams involved in digital development projects with Agile methodologies.

Main objectives: 

  • Screening concepts
  • Conceptualising functionalities
  • Validating prototypes
  • Beta testing
  • Exploring needs
  • Generating insights


  • High flexibility
  • Speed in delivery
  • Actionable results
  • Visual reporting
  • Possibility of iterating
  • Confidentiality

The solution – how we did it: ​

Creating a stable online community with the company’s customers (MROC): 

  • Recruiting Promoter customers with a high degree of involment with the company, a creative profile and familiar new technologies. 
  • Managed through our own online research platform ZOCO (ZOnaCOnecta).
  • Monitoring the platform in real time by client teams through observer profiles. 

Why a Promoter Community?

Their high degree of identification with the company generates a large number of advantages:

  • Strong awareness of the company and its processes
  • High participation and involvement in the project
  • Critical, but always constructive attitude
  • Commitment to confidentiality
  • Continuous learning
  • Lower cost

The outcome: ​

The Promoter community has proven to be a valuable tool for developing the company’s digital services by: 

  • Generating numerous new product and service ideas
  • Guiding the development of services based on real customer requirements
  • Validating, blocking and re-channelling service proposals
  • Establishing the basic MVP features
  • Setting priorities in developments
  • Developing strategies to improve the customer’s journey
  • Adapting the research processes to the iterative design’s needs
  • Achieving greater involvement from teams
  • Getting results in record time
  • Establishing a real consumer-based approach in the company
  • Optimising the resources earmarked for marketing research