Case Study

Activation Strategy for
Bar Consumption in Movie Theatres

Case Study

Activation Strategy for
Bar Consumption in Movie Theatres

Activation Strategy

360 degree research​




Successfull Implemetation​

Client Context:​

A medium size cinema chain in Spain and a leading soft drinks company share a common objective, that of activating bar consumption in the movie theatre bars among cinema goers.

The Challenge:​

Bar consumption is an important part of the revenues and profits of movie theatres. It is not surprising that cinemas are very interested in promoting and activating consumption in the bar. This interest is shared by the soft drinks company whose brands are sold in the bars of the chain’s cinemas.

The soda company and the movie theatre chain jointly approached us to help them design a winning activation strategy based on real consumer insights.

  • Understanding the cinema business and sales in the bar from today’s consumer’s point of view
  • Designing a strategy for activating consumption in cinemas
  • Optimising the bar’s offer

The solution – how we did it: ​

A 360-degree research program was designed and implemented, that included

  • Exploratory and ideation workshops with the clients
  • Focus Groups with employees and customers
  • Ethnographic interviews in client and competitor cinemas
  • Netnography
  • Quantitative survey including
    • Uses & Attitudes survey
    • Conjoint Analysis study aimed to optimize the offer (items, bundling and pricing)

The outcome: ​

Implementation of an overall customer management strategy that proved successful

  • Online activation: website and app
  • Early activation in the shopping mall
  • Change in loyalty, promotions and discounts strategy
  • Redesign of spaces and communication: box office and POS, foyer, bar and theatre
  • Improved sales, pick-up and access processes
  • Change of pricing policy
  • Change in the bar’s portfolio: products, menus, combos and impulse products