ZOCO, for qualitative online research

The challenge:

The internet and the social media are having a great impact on market research. Such a powerful platform for talking, listening, disseminating and collecting information couldn’t be seen but as an opportunity by the market researcher. It poses a formidable challenge, though. That of avoiding being buried by the massive amount of information so easily gathered.

How we do it:

We, in CONECTA, pioneered the use of the internet for qualitative research by developing ZOCO, a comprehensive platform for short and long term insight communities designed to engage groups of customers and collect information from them through multiple tools:

  • 1 to 1 chat between respondent and moderator
  • Ethnographic diaries to obtain detailed information (textual and visual) about respondents’ life style, specific consumption experiences, etc.
  • Videoblogging to share videos of specific routines and experiences
  • Online FGs where a reduced number of respondents are invited to a private chat to discuss and go deeper into some specific issues or stimuli
  • Forums where respondents contribute their own opinions and contents on specific topics
  • Scouting tasks, in which respondents are asked to browse in the internet or go on safari offline collecting information and visual records about a specific topics.